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A valentines campaign asking people to not fall into commitment. 

Rather hire freelancers. 







The main objective was to grab people's attention in the cluttered advertising space during valentines month. 

Hence, we released a set of creatives that promoted anti-commitment focusing on the commitment issues couples face. 

we planned the UniGigs marketing campaign in the month of February, also called the month of “love” and “Commitment”. UniGigs marketing campaign is all about establishing a relationship between freelancing being a new commitment, especially after the pandemic. The concept revolves around the fact that being committed at work is optional, unlike the case in relationships. 

100+ Memes

The meme community picked up the campaign and started talking about the so-called 'Unigigs marketing campaign' ruining the couple's life. This got people thinking about what exactly is this campaign is, resulting in an increase in google and hashtag searches. 

Top content creators participated

Not just memes, but the creative community started talking about the campaign in their own way. This was then followed by receiving 200+ organic entries of people sharing their talent with us on posts, reels, stories, etc.

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