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How to improve your creative writing skills?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

This blog will give you an assignment, completing which you will find yourself in a right headspace for creative writing.

This assignment has 8 visuals, each visual has a brand dedicated to it and you need to sell the brand using the particular visual with one liners.

We start with accessing the assignment

Content writing assignment
Download PDF • 1.17MB

Hint: The first thought that comes to your mind is never the one which makes the mark.

Let's do it together

We've selected the image of a baby crying from the above assignment.

Brand: Noise Earphones

Step 01: Feel and understand the visual communication

The first step is to identify that one message from the image which you are going to use for the given brand. The image here makes me feel how irritated kids are for the younger generation, especially when they are crying.

Step 02: Figure out what the brand wants to say to its audience.

Any creative without the brand message is like a body without brains. In this case, from 10 different messages like being durable, extra battery life, wireless charging, noise reduction, 2x base

sound, etc we picked up the one which relates the most i.e No background sound can reach your ears.

Step 03: Connecting the dots

We now want to convey the that Noise earphones are completely sound proof with an image of an irritating crying baby. Hence, the simple connection which can be established here is to write a copy A complete soundproof experience.

Now just visualise this image with Noise logo and a copy A complete soundproof experience.

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