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How to think creative in just 3 steps

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Creative thinking is not an easy task until you read this article.

Disclaimer: This content is highly helpful and may cause extreme creative flow of juices in your mind.

Step 01: The Communication

It starts with figuring out what message you want to deliver through your idea. Be it a social media post, or a print campaign, unless you have the messaging locked, you cannot move ahead to your self brainstorming sessions. Just ask yourself "What do I want to say through this ad?" the answer can vary from having a communication asking people to stop smoking, or to give information about your product. So, have you figured out your message?

Step 02: The Relatable Element

Once the message is locked, the next question is "how do you want to deliver the message?" For this, we pick up any one of a million instances that happens with everyone, something you can relate to. For example:

- Phone's notification

- Tinder match

- 777 in a slot machine

- TV remote

- Instagram's close friend list

- Youtube's skip ad

- Alarm and reminders

and many more.

All you have to do is pick the best one which goes with your messaging.

Step 03: Bridging The Gap

Now that you have both your elements (message and relatability) it's time to simply bridge the gap. Figure out how can you connect your messaging to the relatable element you picked up. For example:

Messaging: Our products are available on Nykaa

Relatable element: Instagram's close friend list

Creative Idea: We show Nykaa on our brand's Instagram close friend list

Yes! It's that simple

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