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The secret affair between brain and creativity

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Let's learn about creativity and it's relationship with brain. You might end up thinking it is the best relationship you ever had.

As every relationship is complicated, understanding this one might need your complete focus here. However, I will try my best to keep it simple.

Can a human function without a brain? NO!

Neither can a brain function without a human! So, let us say your brain is like another human to you, like a friend?

Now, what do you do to get something from your friend? You just ask for it.

The same logic applies when you are asking your brain to give creative ideas.

So, he works hard!

The brain does its own brainstorming, comes up with few ideas, picks up the relatable ones, and finally adds innovation to make the idea creative. When he gives you what you wanted, there are two things that can happen.

Case 01: You reject the idea

In this case, you are throwing a challenge at your friend to come up with a better concept. As the brain likes challenges, the next day, early in the morning, he comes up to you with 2 new concepts. Unfortunately, you shot them down. This ideating and rejecting keeps going on for a few more rounds.

Now, even if he is the best of all friends, he is surely going to think

“I think I am not capable enough to deliver what my friend expects."

“He is not going to accept any of my ideas.”

In any of the above situation, your friend will stop giving any further ideas, that’s what we call a creative block.

Case 02: You like the idea

In this case, you are so happy that you think your brain has achieved the maximum creativity level. You tell your brain,

“Wow! That was some amazing work, thank you so much, the is the best idea, no one can beat it."

That's when your friend goes into a relaxation mode and stops thinking of any further ideas.

This is what is known as getting married to your own idea.

Then what should we do?

Remember, whenever your brain gives you an idea, tell him

“Oh Buddy, I guess this is the best idea you could ever think”

Take a pause

“Hey, do you want to give it another shot? You know, just challenging our own boundaries.”

And as we know, the brain likes challenges, he will definitely come up with something great.

This is called pushing the thoughts.

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