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UniGigs Marketing Campaign

At UniGigs, we encourage the change makers and freelancers of the future by providing a safe and secure environment to grow and achieve financial independence. In our endeavour to help youngsters tap their professional potential, we’ve built this freelancing platform.

According to our research, it was found that the whole idea of commitment and relationships was somehow monotonous. Therefore, we planned the UniGigs marketing campaign in the month of February, also called the month of “love” and “Commitment”. UniGigs marketing campaign is all about establishing a relationship between freelancing being the new commitment, especially after the pandemic. The concept revolves around the fact that being committed at work is optional, unlike the case in relationships. It focuses on the idea that commitment is optional, but work is not. So hiring freelancers puts you in a win-win situation. Without being offensive, we’ve managed to make it a humorous subject. The UniGigs marketing campaign has been a crowd-pleasing drive altogether.

With a series of ads and posts, we have drawn a parallel between relationships and freelancing, the common ground between commitment. Our creatives were such that left the audience awestruck when they perceived the ironical element about going anti-commitment and relating it to freelancing.

Don’t hold yourself back and sign up with the new venture that has picked up steam and moved the public because of the comical element.

Tune in to know more about our UniGigs marketing campaign and the concept of freelancing, come join us

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