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Social Media: Not For Sale

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We all have fought our battles with client regarding social media not a platform to just keep talking about products and price. Well, here is something which will help you convince your clients.

How to tell your client that social media is not just for selling their products?

Everyone has their own definition and understanding of this. However, what really describes it is the word universe.

Why universe?

Earth is like a universe of over 750 cr people. But, do you know each and every one of them? NO

Similarly, for brands, social media is a universe with more than 4.5M brands, do you know all of them? NO

However, from that 750 cr. population, you know some of them who have an impact on you, people who inspire you and if course your friends and family.

The logic is the same in the case of brands. Few of them are known worldwide because of what they do on their social (Fevicol, Durex, Tinder, etc) and some others you know because you interact with them.

So, what do these #KnownBrands do on social platforms?

They just be there, talk to people about what they like and believe in; like other people.

They be as human as possible

But why should a brand be like a human?

- The brand is talking to humans

- The brand is managed by humans

- The brand wants to sell to humans

- The brand wants to be accepted among humans

Hence, if you don’t be like them, the people are never going to accept you.

Will you ever start living with aliens? NO, because it’s not your species, it’s not part of your group.

The business man in a party

Let us say you are a businessman attending a party in a room full of people.

Do you go on selling your products to them? NO

Same is the case with social media.

You are one businessman among millions of others in that room full of your target audience. You just need to learn the basic etiquette of behaving around people.


You need to socialise, talk to people around you, get to know them better.


You can’t just keep talking, give them a chance to talk. Ask them something that makes them answer.

Social Listening

You need to listen to them carefully, their wants, their likes, their dislikes, and prepare your next communication with a hint of that.

Subtle Product Placement

While having a nice conversation, just subtly slip in your business card so that it does not look too promotional.

Paid Promotions

You need to just keep on talking to new people who you think might be interested in your offering and follow the process.


You will also need people they know to talk about you and your services at the party, this will eventually gain you some trust from your audience.

Fan Base

Now that you have made a few fans in the journey, make sure you keep in touch with them by talking to them regularly on the matters which concern them the most.

That's all!

Not too easy, not too difficult.

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