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A campaign that motivated people to leave their fears behind and move towards the new normal.




Shift Car Rental



Shift Car Rental is a Dubai based car rental and leasing brand. During COVID, with all the businesses over the world, even Shift faced consequences. However, after COVID, when things were getting normal, people were still living in fear to take a car and starting living their new normal. Hence, they were still struggling with their post COVID comeback.

We launched a campaign that motivated people to stop living in fear and start moving forward towards the new normal. We achieved this by letting people know that it's time now to #ShiftTheGear and meet your loved ones once again, go to work once again, live the life... once again. 

Image by Jon Flobrant


- The campaign video got 2x views as compared to other video content. 

- Increase in promotional leads by 1.5x

- Social content got featured by 

Social Media Dissect and Social Samosa

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