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Fark team

Creativity & Culture

With a team of 20+ creative minds who cater to all your design, content, strategy, execution, collaboration, phew! but not a few requirements.

Our Creative Founders.

“Brands come to us because they are done with all the basic marketing approach, they literally are searching to create some Fark”

Yash Joshi


"It's important to understand both, the brand as well as the client, Only then you will be able to deliver the best results in a smooth way"

Roshni Keshavan


Fark team

At Fark, we believe in more than just great work. We believe in life. ⚡️

No late nights, just big leaves and bigger ideas. Work from anywhere, unleash your inner rockstar at jam sessions, and explore beyond the desk at offsites.

We're always looking for creative minds to join us on this marvelous journey of free flowing creativity, hard work, dedication, and life.

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